US Bank Account (Non residents)with free Visa Debit Card

US Bank Account + FREE Debit Card
(Special for Non-US Residents)
100% Legal
No Social Security Number (SSN) Required

The latest fastest way to open a US Bank Account for Non-Residents + US Business Bank Account for Non-Residents. Also included Free US Phone Number, FAX Number and Free US Mailing Address (Florida & California).

Access & Withdraw your Funds from Any Part of the world without any fee at all!

Deposit & withdraw funds from Adsense, Paypal, CPA Networks, Moneybookers, AlertPay, Plimus & 2CheckOut as well as ClickBank commission checks... directly into your US BANK ACCOUNT

Withdraw your funds from any ATM around the world that has Visa or MasterCard logo.

• Reputable Bank with branches all over the US, listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with market   capitalization of over 7 Billion!

• Get free US Phone number and free US Mailing address before you even receive your welcome kits

• No SSN (Social Security Number) required.

• No credit checks, no annual fees, no withdrawal fees.

• Includes VISA or MasterCard depend on your choice.

• No account minimums

• Free ACH direct deposits

• Make withdrawals and purchases around the world with your VISA or MasterCard

• Have funds deposited directly into your account from PayPal (save on their 2.5% currency
  exchange fee by depositing directly into your US bank account)

• Full Internet banking facilities available

• Deposit US checks by mailing them directly to your new bank account

• No need to certify passport. Just mail a photocopy

• Choose any US state for your Free Phone number

• All calls to your US phone number will be rooted to your local phone number

• Receive any text messages sent to your US phone number on your local phone instantly

• Receive mails and parcels at your Free US mailing address anytime

• Nothing else required

• Life-time guarantee.


• Anyone who is 18 years old
• Has a passport OR driving license OR any Govt. issued card (ID Card, School/College Card)
• Has a copy of address proof such as utility bill OR a bank statement
• No Need to certify these documents

Want a proof? See Bank Welcome Kits below

It works irrespective of your country


What is the initial deposit?
You can actually open the account without any deposit and then add any amount you like.

Are there any account fees?
No fees within your first 12 months, regardless of your deposit amount (even if you only have $5 in the account). After that time your account can stay free of maintenance fees if you keep it active.

What are the ATM withdrawal fees?
No ATM withdrawal fees up to 5 transactions per month.

Do I need a US tax file number?

No. NOT even your own country’s tax file number is needed.

How much can I withdraw per day?
You can withdraw up to $1,000 a day using your VISA debit card. You can write a check in any amount (up to your balance). You can wire transfer any amount (up to your balance) to any other bank account.

Can I withdraw PayPal funds?
Yes, you can withdraw funds from PayPal and any other account that does ACH (direct transfer). They will be deposited directly into your US bank account without any fees.

Do I need Bank reference letter?
No. A photocopy of your Govt. Issued ID/passport is all you need. The photocopy does not have to be notarized.

Will I receive account statements?
Yes. You can either view them online or have them mailed to you.

Do I need a US mailing address?
Yes. The bank mails documents and statements to US address only. Our report will guide you on how to secure a free US mailing address.

Can I use my MasterCard or VISA debit card in any country?
Yes. You can use your VISA debit card at any ATM. You can also use it wherever VISA is accepted. You can shop online, offline.

Can I deposit US checks?
Yes. Just endorse the check and mail it directly to the bank.

How many days it will take to get the card my hand?
20-30 days.

What am i Going to Get?? what is this all about??
A special Step by Step report that reveal the following information:
- How to Open a US Personal Bank Account for Non-Residents.
- How to Open a US Business Bank Account for Non-Residents.
- How to get Free US Phone Numbers.
- How to get Free US FAX Numbers.
- How to get Free US and EU Mailing Address.

We are going to show you exactly how you can get all these facilities within 2 weeks from today!
If you are selling using PayPal, 2Checkout, StormPay, ClickBank, or any other common payment service, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your funds to your country.

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US Bank Account buy now

US Bank Account buy now